A constellation of timeless garments for kids and babies who seek comfort, for families with a keen eye on design.

Beauty, durability and feel-good values lead our collections.

Our constellations of garments give a calming comfort and harmony. We cherish childhood’s vitality and freshness with clean design, soft textiles and easy fittings.

Cozmo was born in 2014 as a small brand that looked after quality and natural clothing for babies.

On 2020, Cozmo joined forces with a family workshop widening Cozmo’s comfort and care to kids’ collections. As a result we are designers and makers allowing us to have a stronger eye to detail.

Families and community are key to us. Being honest is our particular way of bringing people together.

At My Little Cozmo, we care about kids, women and the planet, we call it Cozmo Care and it applies to our whole organization.

Our aim is for everything we do, to be done consciously and responsibly while reducing our ecological footprint.

We, together with the whole textile industry, have big challenges in front of us: consumption of electricity and water, the use of pesticides and other chemicals and the current fast fashion consumption (clothing under utilization and the poor awareness of recycling) among others.

We believe that the kid’s fashion future is brighter and more responsible.